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Whether it starts with a squeal, a clunk, or slower than normal opening and closing, a problem with your garage door should be addressed quickly before it worsens or becomes dangerous.

Here at Boulder Garage Door, we have over 41 years of experience in affordable garage door repair and maintenance. Our experts can diagnose any issue imaginable because we’ve seen and fixed nearly every brand and model out there, even ones no longer on the market.

That’s why we have happy, loyal customers in Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont, Westminster and beyond.

We’ll Keep You & Your Family Safe

Whether you have old or new equipment, you can trust the Boulder Garage Door professionals to tackle any problem you might be facing. During a standard service call, we will:

  • Closely inspect the garage door, opener and components
  • Lubricate the rollers, pulleys, cables and other hardware
  • If needed, adjust the tension of your garage door spring
  • Adjust and tighten (or replace) garage door bolts and nuts
  • Calibrate the door opener and check keypad/transmitter

Once our technician has completed their inspection, we’ll discuss any issues that we find with you. And together, we’ll put together a plan to get your garage door repair taken care of quickly and affordably.

Simply call today to schedule a visit – same day appointments possible!

5 Unmistakable Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

1. A Broken Torsion Spring

Garage doors are incredibly heavy and require heavy-duty springs to raise and lower them. Over time, these torsion springs can wear out, causing your garage door to open slower and slower. In a worst-case scenario, they can snap – it will sound like a firecracker going off in your garage. If you suspect this is the issue, please do not attempt DIY garage door repair. Springs are dangerous!

2. Limit Settings Need Adjusting

If your door is going down and right back up, the limit settings may be the issue as they tell the system how far the door needs to go down. If the settings are incorrect, the door can touch the ground before the system thinks it’s supposed to, causing the auto-reversal safety feature to kick in. If a door doesn’t close all the way, this could also be the limit setting. We can easily recalibrate.

3. A Panel Has Been Damaged

Hail, wayward baseballs or a miscalculation when parking can lead to dents, scratches or other damage to your garage door. While it might seem cosmetic, a small problem can lead to rust and other safety issues. Luckily, Boulder Garage Door can typically repair or even replace just the one panel.

4. Broken Tension Springs or Cables

Another set of springs, called tension springs, ensure that the door lowers slowly and safely. If your door closes especially fast or finishes with a loud bang, it could be that one or more of these springs or cables has broken. This can be dangerous with nothing stopping the door from slamming down on a person or object in the way. Please don’t use your garage! Instead, call us right away for garage door repair.

5. The Tracks are Out of Alignment

If you see gaps in the rollers or bends in the rails of your garage doors, there’s a good chance that track alignment is your issue. You may hear rubbing or squealing when the door reaches a misaligned spot on the track. The garage door may also slow down as the opener has to work harder.