How Winter Can Make Your Garage Door Treacherous

How Winter Can Make Your Garage Door Treacherous

While winter chills and snowstorms can be beautiful and give us a lovely opportunity to curl up with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate, not everything about it is a bouquet of roses. Before winter settles in we here at Boulder Garage Doors would like to take the opportunity to educate our neighbors in the Boulder, Colorado area about how winter can make your garage door treacherous.

We want people to stay safe, and just a few simple steps can drastically make your garage door safer.

First off, what is it that becomes dangerous about your garage door during the winter? When the temperatures drop sufficiently, the metal parts within your garage door, like screws and springs, will shrink. This can cause problems with opening and closing the door and pose a danger in some cases.

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow to minimize the risk of injury.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance
Almost everything we own can benefit from regular inspection and maintenance, and garage doors are no exception. A thorough inspection should be done well before the temperatures begin to drop too much. You can do it yourself, but if you feel like you do not know what to look for, you can certainly ask for help from one of our professionals here at Boulder Garage Doors.

We actually recommend that every three months you should disconnect the door opener and open and close it manually a few times to see how it works. If you notice problems, give us a call right away. You should never try to fix issues with the springs or garage door cables by yourself.

A good silicone lubricant will go a long way towards keeping your garage door functioning well even in cold weather as the silicone is not affected as heavily by temperature changes as other types of lubricant. Be aware though that too little or too much can both cause misalignment so be sure that it is lubricated properly.

Roller Repair
If you notice that your rollers are misaligned, you should call a professional instead of attempting any type of DIY fix. Misaligned rollers can quickly become dangerous and should immediately be repaired or replaced by someone that thoroughly knows the mechanical workings of garage doors.

A Good Quality Door
If your garage door is a bit old and tired, it may be worth considering a new one. Modern materials and innovations now offer a wide array of styles and looks to choose from without compromising safety. If you have an old wooden door, you are probably seeing signs of cracking, splitting and warping. Today, there are materials that can give you this classic, without the same rate of degradation.

Plus, better insulation and energy efficiency can add to a nice drop in your energy bill each month. Both the savings and the peace of mind with a new door can add up.

Now is the time to be thinking about the safety and quality of your garage door before the temperature drops and the snow starts falling. If you notice any issues or want to check out pricing for a new door, give us a call here at Boulder Garage Doors, and one of our friendly professionals will gladly help you.

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