Why should you invest in eco-friendly garage door materials?

Why should you invest in eco-friendly garage door materials?

Environmentally-friendly home construction and renovation projects, especially eco-friendly garage door installations, have increased across the country in recent years. Why have eco-friendly materials become such a huge part of this growing trend?

Home value

New home buyers are more likely to purchase a home that has green elements. These more eco-friendly garage doors are made of recycled and/or sustainable materials like wood and steel. The doors can also be recycled when they reach the natural end of their product life.

Door lifespan

Eco-friendly materials and parts last longer than most non-green prefabricated materials like plastic, which means that they extend a garage door's lifespan. They're also designed with weatherproof coatings to slow down surface color fading and wear that occurs over time.

Bill savings

Garage doors designed with the environment in mind have high-quality insulation. They're also custom-fitted to door openings to prevent gaps that allow unwanted airflow. These features increase energy efficiency and decrease utility bills. Additionally, since these doors don't break or wear down easily, they help decrease associated garage door repair and replacement costs.

To find out more about these and other benefits related to eco-friendly garage door materials, contact our experienced team today.

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