Why do you need a professional to inspect swollen garage doors?

Garage doors that swell rarely open and close correctly. Over time, you can damage motors and other parts by trying to make swollen doors perform as they should under optimal conditions. Consider the following reasons for swelling:

  • Doors made with porous materials typically swell when exposed to heat and moisture even when they're sealed or painted.
  • Some types of metal doors can also expand when exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures and humidity.

In many cases, garage door swelling is related to age, design and installation. Some older models of garage doors weren't designed or installed with the above factors in mind. A garage door specialist can evaluate your specific situation and help you find replacement doors or even come up with a new total garage design.

Since 1975, our family at Boulder Garage Doors has been helping area home and business owners with their garage door needs. We know that swelling isn't a problem that goes away. Additionally, some homeowners confuse sticking caused by offset new garage door installation or structural settling with

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