Tips for Choosing a Garage Door

Tips for Choosing a Garage Door

These tips for choosing a garage door from our friendly staff here at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado will come in handy if you are in the market for a replacement. Whether you’re looking to switch out a worn-out garage door, or just upgrading the one you have, new garage doors are ideal for adding value to your home and upping its curb appeal.


The first thing to think about it what kind of material you want to use. There are multiple options out there including wood, wood composites, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. Each comes with a set of pluses and minuses and costs vary widely. Wood and steel garage doors are the most popular among consumers. The reason for this is that steel doors are extremely durable, not too expensive, and very versatile. People tend to choose wood for the traditional look, even though wood requires a lot more maintenance than other materials.


When you are selecting a material, think carefully about the type of weather your door may be subjected to. You might love the look of wood, but if your garage door is positioned in such a way that it takes a beating when it rains, or it is in intense sun for several hours a day, the wood is not going to stay looking beautiful for long. Steel doors are much more suited to harsh environments, and you can even get some styles that do a great job at imitating wood if you have your heart set on that look.


Insulated garage doors are obviously more expensive than uninsulated ones. How you use your garage plays a role in justifying the extra expense of insulation. If you just need a place to house your vehicles and tools, an insulated garage door may not be necessary. However, if there is a room above your garage, or you use the garage itself as an extra room or workspace, you will greatly appreciate an insulated garage door to help keep the space warm in the winter.


Also, consider whether you want windows in the door. Of course, windows drive up the price a little, but the added natural light might be worth it to you--particularly if you use your garage as a workspace or art studio. Many people don’t want windows for privacy and security, but a great compromise is to use frosted glass that still lets in light without putting your wares on display for would-be thieves.

Of course, these tips for choosing a garage door are very basic and just barely scratch the surface of what modern garage doors have to offer. Feel free to ask for advice from one of our experts here at Boulder Garage Door. We would love to help pick out the perfect solution for your needs. Then, of course, our expert team will install your new garage door quickly and efficiently, meeting all safety standards. Give us a call today to get started.

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