Should I choose a garage door with windows?

Windows can add charm to the look of your garage door and natural light to the interior of your garage. While some homeowners prefer the clean look of a windowless design, many people enjoy the advantages of garage door windows.

Yes to Windows

If you go this route, which type of windows should you choose? Where would you like the light to enter? Some windows sit at eye level so you can look out while you are standing in the garage. Some sit up higher toward the top of the door, providing privacy from the outside. The glass can be tinted, as well, to offer filtering and more security. In extreme-weather areas, the window glass should be insulated.

Shape and Style

Which windows are prominent in the home? Garage door windows can be cut in squares, rectangles, or with semicircle arched tops. Even custom designs are a possibility.

Take some time to consider which window designs you like best, as this door will likely be a part of your home for years to come, and this is what you will see as you ease up the driveway each day. Sometimes it's the added touches we choose for our homes that make us smile as we arrive. Talk to the garage door experts at Boulder Garage Door for more information on window options.

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