Protect Your Garage, Protect Your Home

Protect Your Garage, Protect Your Home

For most people, the garage door is the largest entrance to their home, not to mention closest to the street. That makes it the most obvious entry point for everything from small animals and wildlife to potential burglars. At Boulder Garage we tell our customers, protect your garage, protect your home.

Today we, the friendly folks here at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder Colorado, would like to offer some helpful tips to our neighbors about good practices for keeping their homes safe from intruders of any kind.

You really should never leave your garage door hanging open unattended. By doing so, you are just asking for unwanted visitors. They could simply be a stray dog or cat sneaking in and leaving behind damage or waste. It could be a wild bird accidentally flying in, then frantically trying to find its way out of your home only to hail down droppings and feathers.
Or it could have serious home invasion consequences.

Thieves will generally troll a neighborhood looking for the home that appears the easiest to enter and exit quickly without being seen. An unattended, wide open garage door is the perfect invitation.

Think about it, to break into your home through a door, a thief has to stand visible for the time it takes him to get through that door. But if he can enter an open garage door, even if the inside door to your home is locked, he now has a shielded place to be to work on breaking through that interior door. You have just handed him what he needs on a silver platter. Not to mention whatever valuables you might have in your garage are freely up for grabs.

Of course, we all want to believe that we live in safe neighborhoods where things like this will never happen, and the chances are that it never will happen to you. However, when there is an easy technique to prevent it from occurring in the first place, like simply keeping your garage door closed when you are not around, you might as well not tempt fate.

If you have further questions about what you can do to improve your home’s security, or any questions relating to your garage door, feel free to contact us here at Boulder Garage Door. We have been proudly serving our community since 1974 and picked up a bit of wisdom in all that time, so we are happy to help out our neighbors. Just be sure that you get ahold of us and not one of our imitators because they don’t have near the experience that we do.

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