Mid-century garage doors back in style

Are you looking for something sleek and retro for your new garage doors? When planning that new garage door installation, be sure to consider the hot design option of mid-century styles.

In the time period of the 1930s through the 1960s, architectural trends for buildings and homes had a very distinctive look, and it's now known as 'Mid-Century' style. It was sleek, modern-looking, and minimalist. Many people continue to adore that uncluttered look in subdued or neutral color palettes.

Garage doors with a mid-century flair are simple and elegant, often with off-center geometric elements and windows. They look quite different -- even refreshing -- from standard, symmetrical garage doors.

If you like unique exteriors, do take a look at these sharp garage door looks! Talk to the Boulder Garage Door pros for more ideas.

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