Why Keep Your Garage Door Shut at All Times

Why Keep Your Garage Door Shut at All Times

Today, the experts at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado share reasons why keep your garage door shut at all times. You might not think that it's a problem to leave the door open during the day or even at night, but there are potential dangers you may not have thought about.

At Boulder Garage Door, we sometimes install garage doors after a customer has endured one of the issues listed below. And it’s often due to a repair that’s been put off, such as the garage door opener being wonky or the door itself rattling loudly in its tracks. These are both garage door repairs that can be addressed by our experts, so don’t leave yourself vulnerable!

Now, let’s get to why keep your garage door shut at all times.


This one should be obvious. If you leave your garage door open, it’s like leaving out a welcome mat for thieves. Even if you believe that you live in a safe neighborhood, it's not a good idea. Trolling thieves will target your house, simply because the access is so easy. Most people at least have tools and potentially expensive equipment, perfect for thieves looking to make a quick buck. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

Home Invasion

If you have an attached garage, thieves may take it one step further and enter your home. Often the door leading to your house from your garage is not necessarily that sturdy for the reason that the garage door is considered the first line of defense. Don’t tempt the unscrupulous to break into your home by leaving the garage door open when no one is around to keep an eye on things.


This might not be something you would generally think of, but infestations can become a big issue. If your garage has poor ventilation, or you just enjoy working in fresh air, you probably like to leave your garage door open while puttering around, but you should close it if you’re not going to be around.

Small animals like mice, raccoons, rats, squirrels or even stray cats may decide that your garage looks like an inviting place to set up a little home. They can end up doing a ton of damage to your stored items before you even realize they are there.

Weather Damage

Another consideration is the weather. Depending on how your garage is situated, water may be able to get into your garage when it rains. Even if it usually doesn’t, there may come a day when the wind is right and drives the rain right into your garage, wetting your stored items. It might be difficult to get everything properly dried out--particularly if your garage doesn’t have the greatest ventilation--and you could even end up with a mold problem. That can become a health hazard and simply isn’t worth the risk when all you have to do to avoid it is close the garage door.

We hope this article has shed some light on why keep your garage door shut at all times. If you tend to leave it open because it’s not working, be sure to give us a call at Boulder Garage Door, and we will be happy to troubleshoot the issue. Contact us today for friendly and expert service.

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