How safe is your garage door?

Injuries and even deaths caused by garage doors aren't the crazy imaginings of writers and filmmakers. Thousands of people are injured every year. Why do these events happen? The most common causes are door malfunction and user error. A single garage door can weigh between 130 and more than 400 pounds. The force exerted between certain parts when in motion is also extremely high.

Consider the following when assessing how safe your garage doors are:

  • Many doors have bad or no motion sensors for automatic retraction, which causes accidents when children and adults fail to time door closure correctly.
  • Critical parts failure happens because some installers use substandard parts or improperly install them.
  • Property owners have accidents while attempting repairs without experience or appropriate tools.
  • Some owners don't keep their doors properly maintained and one or more parts fail.

At Boulder Garage Doors, our team can perform an inspection and garage door repair or new garage door installation to prevent the majority of these accidents. We also provide valuable safety tips. For more information on ensuring your garage door safety, call us today.

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