How changes in weather affect garage doors and garages

Before homeowners purchase a new set of garage doors, they should always consider the impact that regional weather and temperature fluctuations can have on both their garage doors and the garages. Consider the following:

  • Doors made of porous natural materials like wood swell when exposed to heat, contract with cold, and decay with high humidity. A homeowner can slow these processes by choosing appropriately sealed doors.
  • Garage doors that receive direct sunlight also swell. The light can even cause errors with door-opener sensors. When this happens, a homeowner might have more difficulty opening and closing them. It's important to remember that sunlight also causes the colors from certain types of door coatings to fade.
  • Doors that aren't sized properly or insulated allow moisture to build up inside of a garage. A lack of garage door windows also cause this problem. Moisture can damage property stored in the area and promote mold formation.

Boulder Garage Doors is a family-owned business that has proudly provided local residents and business owners garage door services for nearly 45 years. Contact our knowledgeable team today for more information about how to choose the right new garage doors based on the weather in our region.

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