Is Your Garage Door Waking Up the Neighbors?

Is Your Garage Door Waking Up the Neighbors

Is your garage door waking up the neighbors? Whether it’s a squeaking, clanking or grinding noise, our experts at Boulder Garage Door are here to help you keep up good relations with the people next door. Today we offer a few tips to take care of your squealing, rattling door before you get banished from the next neighborhood party or BBQ. And if none of these things work, you can always call us for repairs or to completely replace your door if needed.

Let’s take a look at a few simple things that you can do on your own. Just be careful around the springs and other garage door mechanisms as they are part of a heavy-duty piece of machinery that could cause a serious injury. Not really the handy type? Just give us a call for garage door help.

Check and tighten all nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts loosening a bit with the daily vibrations of the door is a very common occurrence with a very simple solution. If this is the only issue causing excess noise, a few minutes with a proper wrench or socket set will take care of your problem.

Switch out the rollers

Carefully inspect the rollers as the garage door is going up and down, and you may be able to spot a problem there. As rollers become worn, they start to squeak. If the rollers don’t look worn but do seem to be causing noise, they probably just need lubrication. Also, if you have metal rollers, try changing them out for nylon rollers which are quieter. Call a garage door professional for this job, as specialized skills are required to perform the work safely.

Check the springs

Another possible culprit is the springs. Whether you have extension or torsion springs, check them out. Call in a specialist immediately if you see that they are broken. If they are just squeaking or squealing, a bit of lubricant should do the trick.

Check the hinges

Over time, garage door hinges can loosen and become worn, leading to annoying squeaking. Take a look at the hinges to make sure they are still tight and in good shape. If they don’t appear damaged or worn out, try some lubrication.

Check the garage door opener mechanism

Another possible noise trigger is the mechanism for your garage door opener. Check the tension and ensure that it is correct according to your garage door manual. If you already threw it out, you can probably find a copy online. By now, you’re probably already jumping ahead to lubrication, but be careful here. Depending on the type of drive, lubricant may not be recommended, or you may need to use a particular kind. Again, consult your manual for instructions specific to your model.

Is your garage door waking up the neighbors? If so, you can always skip the DIY fix and give the experts here at Boulder Garage Door a call. We can help pinpoint the issue and get your garage door quieted down from a squeaking, rattling, clanking monster to like a nice, gentle purr. Well, maybe not that quiet, but you get the idea. Feel free to give us a call today. Your neighbors will thank you for it!

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