Is Garage Door Replacement Necessary?

Is Garage Door Replacement Necessary?

A garage door is probably the largest piece of machinery that you have in your home. When it starts to operate incorrectly, it is imperative to address the issue sooner rather than later, because it can become a safety issue quickly. However, garage doors are a significant investment, and you may be asking yourself is garage door replacement necessary. According to our Boulder Garage Door Experts, in some cases, yes, in other cases, no.

Many garage door problems that arise are easily fixed by a simple repair, but you may need the trained eye of an expert to make the final determination. To give you an idea of whether you can repair your garage door or if you must go ahead and replace it, here are a few guidelines.

You will probably need to replace a garage door if:

  • The door is physically damaged. This can be from normal wear and tear, running into it with your car, hail or high wind damage. Depending on the extent of damage, the door should be replaced quickly as it may pose a safety threat.
  • The door is worn out and dated or unsightly. Especially if your door is old, it might be scratched, rusted, cracked or otherwise unpleasant looking without posing a safety risk. However, the only way to make it look nice again is to replace it.

You can probably repair a garage door if:

  • It suddenly stops working. This is often due to something in the mechanism that can be fixed. An expert should be able to diagnose the problem easily.
  • It starts to feel heavy when opened by hand. Over time the springs stretch out and don’t have enough tension. New springs will have it up and running again in no time.
  • It becomes unsafe. This one depends on the reason for which it is unsafe. Often, it is the opener that has a problem and not the door, but only an expert inspecting the door and the mechanism can advise you properly.
  • It has a damaged panel. If there is a scratch or dent on only one panel, it can make sense to replace just that panel instead of the entire door. Keep in mind that the reason to fix small damage like this is not just cosmetic. Over time the problem can worsen, such as starting to rust, ending up creating a safety hazard or resulting in a more expensive repair later. It’s best to take care of garage door issues immediately as they pop up.

Keep in mind that the experts at Boulder Garage Door are just a phone call away, and are happy to help you with any questions you might have. A family owned and operated business, we’ve been serving our neighbors for over 40 years. We’re invested in this community and committed to providing you with the highest level of service and satisfaction. We can inspect your garage door and advise you on the best method for fixing the problem, determining is garage door replacement necessary.

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