Garage Door Repair Tips: Why Won't My Garage Door Open?

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Imagine you come home, press the remote on your garage door opener, and nothing happens. It looks like it's completely stuck and you can't get it to operate correctly. Do you need garage door repair?This common issue is not only frustrating if the door is stuck open, but it can also be a safety issue for you and your family.Whether it's stuck in the shut or open position, a broken garage door can be a serious problem. Before you determine that you need some serious garage door repair, take a closer look to try and make your own diagnosis.Check out these helpful tips that can make your life easier when it comes to ensuring your garage door works right every time.

Check All Batteries

Even though it probably seems obvious, do a quick check to make sure the batteries in your garage door remote control are in working order.A common mistake people make is that they forget about the batteries in the transmitter, too. Manually press the transmitter and see if the door opens. If it doesn't, the batteries probably need replacing.

Your Track Could be Off-Kilter

Over time, your garage door track could get out of alignment. Take a look and see if you notice a gap between the rail and the rollers. If you see light in between, your track might need to be adjusted.If you decide to realign the track yourself, be sure to do so slowly and gently using a rubber mallet to tap in back place after you've removed the screws.If the garage door will not move at all, you may need a professional to take a look and possibly even replace the entire track itself.

Other Reasons for Garage Door Repair

While dead batteries and an uneven track are typically the most common causes of garage door issues, here are a few other problems that might require some repair.

  • The door's photo-eye has been blocked, preventing it from recognizing when a car approaches. It could also be dirty and simply need a thorough cleaning.
  • A torsion spring is broken, or a cable has snapped.
  • The garage door sensitivity may need to be adjusted. If it's too low or too high, it can cause issues with the door's ability to open correctly.
  • There could be something blocking the garage door's path. Items like toys, bicycles, or yard equipment may be blocking it, causing it to assume there's already a car in place.
  • You may simply have an electrical wiring problem. Whether it's a short or corrosion, the wiring is another common cause for garage door malfunctions.

When to Call in the Experts for Garage Door Repair

If you've done a few simple checks and still can't get the door to open or close, it might be time to call in some garage door repair experts.These professionals can help you assess the problem and make the necessary recommendations for repair.For more information on all things garage door-related, be sure to check out our website and blog.

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