Can I Adjust My Garage Door Torsion Springs?

All About Garage Door Torsion Springs

The team here at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado would like to take this opportunity to talk to you all about garage door torsion springs. These springs have a crucial job, and it is important for homeowners to be aware, not only about what they do but also what to watch for concerning the need for repairs.

Remember that faulty or aging torsion springs can pose a serious safety hazard, and should not be ignored.

Garage door torsion springs perform the necessary function of lifting and lowering your garage door in a controlled fashion. Think about how heavy a garage door would be to try to open manually without the help of those springs!

Just like any conventional spring, garage door torsion springs are designed to store mechanical energy using a rotating or twisting motion. However, garage door springs are made from a much denser material than conventional springs for storing, even more, energy. This is necessary because as you probably are already aware garage doors are not as light as a feather!

Torsion springs are installed horizontally over the opening of your garage door. There are cables attached to the bottom corners of your door that force the springs to wind up when the door goes down and stores the energy. Then, when it comes time to raise the door, the springs begin to unwind, and the energy gets transferred to the door to help lift the heavy apparatus.

If you know all about garage door torsion springs, you understand that because of the heavy work that they do, these springs will eventually wear out. The metal starts to weaken and eventually, the door becomes too heavy for the springs to lift properly. Rust and cold weather can speed this process. However, typical torsion springs will last about 10,000 cycles. So, that means that even if you open your door 3-5 times per day, you can expect your springs to last about 5-7 years.

It is imperative to be aware of failing torsion springs and have them replaced professionally. Obviously, if the springs are not doing their job, the door will get heavier and heavier for you--which can lead to possible injury. If they suddenly snap one day that heavy garage door could even land on someone or a pet and cause serious injury or even death.

Even more importantly, please note that most torsion spring injuries come about because of people trying to replace them themselves. So, no. You cannot adjust your own garage door torsion springs. Because of the tension involved special tools are needed as well as expertise. It isn’t worth the risk, and this is one repair that should be done by a professional.

If you’re not sure about the state of your garage door torsion springs, don’t worry! You can call the experts here at Boulder Garage Door for a quick examination. Serving Boulder and the surrounding area for over 41 years, we know all about garage door torsion springs and will provide you with expert garage door maintenance, repair and even replacement if needed. Give us a call today.

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