Best way to clean your garage doors

Your new garage door can easily become dirty thanks to the wind, rain and everyday contaminants. Every once in a while, it's a good idea to clean your garage doors so they look their best and last longer. You could have a garage door service advise you, or you can use these tips below.

Before you clean your garage doors, make sure you have:

  • A bucket filled with lukewarm water
  • Dish washing liquid or car washing soap
  • Rags or sponges

Add the dish washing liquid or car washing soap to the bucket of lukewarm water and stir it with your hand until bubbles form. Add the rags or sponges to the bucket and let them soak.

Wash your garage doors gently, making sure to pay close attention to areas such as windows where built-up dust and grime can accumulate.When you are done with the windows, move on to other areas of the doors. Wash with a circular motion and make sure that all surface areas are completely clean and free of any dirt and built-up residue. After you have created a lather across the surface of the entire door area, use a hose to wash the soap and dirt onto the ground below.

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