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Boulder Garage Door provides maintenance, service and repair to customers throughout the metro area. Your garage door provides insulation from the elements and protects your car and home. If you suspect your garage door insulation is no longer what it used to be contact us today.

The door itself is the most obvious part of the garage door system. There are tons of options out there, so you’ll want to choose your garage door with care. After all, you’ll be looking at it and using it for a while. Whatever style you prefer, the function of the door is the same. Its purpose is to seal the opening of your garage against the elements and intruders.

The garage door is the largest entrance to your home, not to mention closest to the street. That makes it the most obvious entry point for everything from small animals and wildlife to potential burglars. At Boulder Garage we tell our customers, protect your garage, protect your home.

Our skilled technicians specialize in garage door preventative maintenance, tune-ups and routine service. We know that when you need to replace your garage door, you rely on the garage door company for everything from advice on brands, garage door insulation, materials, and installation that will provide years of trouble-free operation.

We also perform all services including tightening and adjusting door and opener, lubricate hinges and rollers, and lubricate openers and more. Our reputation for quality workmanship and superb customer service is at the heart of all we do. Don’t be caught with improper garage door insulation. Call our experts today.

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