Double wood garage door installation

What happens if you have a garage door problem in October 2027?

Sounds like a crazy question, but there is a point to it. We often get calls from people who have a problem with their garage door, fitted just a few short years ago. Yet, because they haven’t used a trusted market-leader (often thinking they’ve saved money), the business isn’t around anymore, or key replacement parts are no longer produced. So, there’s the infuriating expense of a whole new garage door to be met.

Therefore we thoroughly recommend C.H.I. Overhead Doors. One of our key reasons is that they use industry-standard hinges and rollers. This means that you can expect to find parts for your new garage doors for the next decade and longer.

To discuss superb new garage door choices for your home, call our Boulder Garage Door team now on 303-447-1501.

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