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Boulder Garage Door Blog

Within the pages of our garage door blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to garage door repairs, installations and openers.

Double wood garage door installation

What happens if you have a garage door problem in October 2027?

Sounds like a crazy question, but there is a point to it. We often get calls from people who have a problem with their garage door, fitted just a few short years ago. Yet, because they haven’t used a trusted market-leader (often thinking they’ve saved money), the business isn’t around anymore, or key replacement parts…
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Who installs all wood garage doors

Is your garage door ready for winter?

One thing’s for sure – when winter hits, we Coloradans soon know all about it! At such times, we certainly don’t want the hassle of a garage door that refuses to co-operate. Therefore, before the wildness arrives, now is a great time to have it checked over and serviced. This should involve a close inspection…
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Keep pests out of your garage

Keep pests out of your home by repairing your garage door

Of course, you’ve got a million and one things to do, but if you don’t want to invite pests into your home, garage door repair should be at the top of your list. Even the smallest gap would provide the perfect opportunity for unwanted visitors such as mice or birds to get into your garage,…
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Liftmaster garage door opener installer

What you need to know about LiftMaster®

As we heartily recommend this company’s products, gaining great feedback from so many of our customers, we thought you’d like to know a little about the company… LiftMaster is a brand of the Chamberlain Group, which has more than 4,500 employees and half-a-century of experience. It earns sales as a market leader right across the…
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Replace garage door

Key things to consider when shopping for a new garage door

If your garage door is old and worn out, then it is wise to replace it with a brand new one. Below are key things to consider when shopping for new garage doors. Consider security features A good garage door should be equipped with excellent security features to prevent burglars from gaining access. Essential security…
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new wood garage door installer in Boulder

Should I choose a garage door with windows?

Windows can add charm to the look of your garage door and natural light to the interior of your garage. While some homeowners prefer the clean look of a windowless design, many people enjoy the advantages of garage door windows. Yes to Windows If you go this route, which type of windows should you choose?…
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Double door garage door Boulder Garage Door

Key activities during a standard garage door service call

To keep your garage door smoothly operational, it pays to book a regular service. During their visit, the technician will start by carrying out a detailed inspection of all the key components. This will determine whether garage door repair is required, or whether it is necessary to install new garage doors. Adjustments might be made…
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How a garage door works

Garage door not acting right? Don’t wait until it’s too late

Something off when your garage opens? Something creaking when it closes? Garage doors are not just doors that open and close. Garage doors that function properly protect you, your car and your belongings. Garage doors that don’t work are a safety hazard, and delay getting you out of the house and to where you need…
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Are garage doors safe

Possible reasons why your garage door remote might not be working

If this is the case, we know it’s very frustrating. There are a variety of possible causes of the malfunction. Here’s a quick checklist covering four of the most common… The batteries simply need changing – a useful clue is if it works only when you’re right beside the door The antenna might not be…
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Great curb appeal garage door design

Simple yet effective garage door maintenance tips

A garage door is your home’s biggest moving part, and it is used many times a day all year round. To keep your door running as smoothly as possible, follow these simple maintenance tips. Listen and look Observe the garage door each time it’s in action. If the door is making unusual noises or not…
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Barn door garage door installation

Why should you invest in eco-friendly garage door materials?

Why should you invest in eco-friendly garage door materials? Environmentally-friendly home construction and renovation projects, especially eco-friendly garage door installations, have increased across the country in recent years. Why have eco-friendly materials become such a huge part of this growing trend? Home value New home buyers are more likely to purchase a home that has…
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