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Boulder Garage Door Blog

Within the pages of our garage door blog you’ll find helpful articles and interesting insights about everything that’s related to garage door repairs, installations and openers.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Garage Door Replacement

At Boulder Garage Door, we understand that new doors are a significant investment, so we’d like to provide you with tips to get the most out of your garage door replacement. When the existing one doesn’t seem like it’s in bad shape, you may hesitate to spend hard-earned money on a replacement. But once you understand…
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Can I Adjust My Garage Door Torsion Springs?

The team here at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado would like to take this opportunity to talk to you all about garage door torsion springs. These springs have a crucial job, and it is important for homeowners to be aware, not only about what they do but also what to watch for concerning the…
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Spotting Garage Door Problems

Garage doors are our business at Boulder Garage Door, so we know all about the common garage door problems that our customers often face. In fact, with over 40 years of experience serving the residents of Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas, we can honestly say that we’ve seen just about everything. Garage doors are just…
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All About Your Garage Door

Boulder Garage Door provides maintenance, service and repair to customers throughout the metro area. Your garage door provides insulation from the elements and protects your car and home. If you suspect your garage door insulation is no longer what it used to be contact us today. The door itself is the most obvious part of…
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That Ugly Garage Door Affects Your Curb Appeal

Boulder Garage Door is here to tell you that yes, a garage door can help sell your house. The right garage door is not only an important security feature but also a huge part of the aesthetics of your home. An old, damaged garage door is just plain ugly. The next step is to figure out…
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Which Garage Door Opener Is Right For You

Lets take a look at the different types of garage door openers. There are 3 different types available so give us a call at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado and we will help you find the correct garage door opener for your situation. Which garage door opener is right for you, that will depend…
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Change Your Curb Appeal With A New Garage Door

Today, this handy guide to garage door types and styles by Boulder Garage Door will help you make an informed decision when that time finally rolls around. So, if your garage door is tired and worn, clanking in its tracks, or you’re simply thinking about replacing it for an updated design, our experts will help you make…
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How A Garage Door Works

Our friendly staff at Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado is here to provide insight on how a garage door works. We know that has been a burning question on your mind for quite some time now. Today, you can finally find out the answers! Really, we promise that it’s pretty interesting. The Importance of…
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Great Reasons to Add Windows to Your Garage Door

At Boulder Garage Door, we love to share valuable information with our customers, and today we’ll talk about reasons to add windows to your garage door. Not only are they very stylish, making your home look great, but there are also some practical reasons to consider adding them. Natural Lighting Obviously, one of the key reasons…
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Repairing A Garage Door

How do you know when to repair your garage door? Boulder Garage Door in Colorado offers these tips to help you troubleshoot. Obviously, repairing your door is typically cheaper than having to buy a new one. But what problems can be fixed? Today, we’ll cover common problems that may be repaired. The Door Stops Working…
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Signs it’s time to replace your garage door

As a homeowner, it’s good to know the signs of when to replace your garage door. At Boulder Garage Door in Boulder, Colorado, we have a few quick tips for you. Your garage door is a critical part of not only the security of your home but also its curb appeal. Knowing when to replace…
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Garage Door Won’t Open? When You Need Garage Door Repair

Did you know that over 70% of homeowners use their garage to enter their homes, and not their front door? This means that both your garage door and its remote is one of the most commonly used home features. This also means that your garage door is highly susceptible to wear to tear – more…
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