Garage Door Won’t Open? When You Need Garage Door Repair

garage door repair near meDid you know that over 70% of homeowners use their garage to enter their homes, and not their front door?

This means that both your garage door and its remote is one of the most commonly used home features.

This also means that your garage door is highly susceptible to wear to tear – more so than any other area of your home.

This is where the importance of garage door maintenance becomes paramount. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck behind a garage door that just won’t open.

So before you find yourself asking ”where can I find garage door repair near me?”, here are a few simple reasons on why your garage door could be stuck.

Looking for Garage Door Repair Near Me? There’s No Need

Is there anything worse than having your car stuck behind a malfunctioned garage door when you really need to be somewhere?

Before you rush off to find the nearest garage door repair company, the issue may be far simpler than you think.

Here are some of the potential reasons why your garage door won’t open:

1. Photo-Eye Range is Lost

Many older garage doors use photo-eye signal to raise and lower the door. If your garage door is 15 years old or older, this signal could be disrupted.

Generally, the photo-eye is located 4-6 inches off the ground, with an ”eye” which is roughly the size of a pea.

Through the photo-eye, a laser is cast across the width of the garage door. If an object moves in front of the laser beam, the door will either stop opening or closing.

Sometimes the photo-eye cord can be damaged by moisture or a leak. Alternatively, the photo-eye itself could be clogged with dirt or dust.

A simple check of the functioning of the photo-eye and the laser beam could be your solution to a garage door not opening.

2. A Lack of Power Source

Ever plugged in an appliance and become quickly frustrated as to why it’s not working? It was working just fine yesterday!

We’ve all been there, but the simple solution is merely the power source, or lack thereof.

On an occasion or two, you may have unplugged your garage door opener’s power source and forget to plug it back in.

If you plug it in and your garage door will not open, it’s most likely the plug itself which has malfunctioned.

Test out the plug outlet with another electrical appliance to be sure. If the outlet works just fine, you may need to check the circuit breaker or fuse.

3. Damaged Torsion Springs

A broken or damaged garage door torsion spring will be highly obvious. After all, you just can’t miss the noise which sounds something like a gunshot going off.

Your garage door torsion springs are made to last a certain number of cycles, once they have surpassed this, they will most likely snap.

However, your garage door installer should tell you when you need to replace or update springs before this happens!

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to open your garage door once a spring has broken as this is highly dangerous.

This is where the expertise of a professional garage door repair company will be needed.

4. Damaged or Popped Cables

These are the second-most common garage door mechanisms to break, after torsion springs.

When a garage door cable has been damaged or popped out of place on the rail, you’ll know all about it.

Often, your garage door cables will also break or pop out of place if a torsion spring has snapped.

Once a cable has been damaged, there is no budging of your garage door. A reliable garage door repair company will be needed to replace or repair cables.

5. Opener Sensitivity is Out-of-Sync

Your garage door opener is fine-tuned to a balanced setting or sensitivity which allows it to open and close at the right times.

Once this sensitivity is out-of-sync, it’s highly likely that your garage door will not open when you need it to.

It may even seem like your garage door has grown a mind of its own! This is when you know the sensitivity mechanism needs to be adjusted.

You will need to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to reset the sensitivity to ensure it works properly.

Generally, you will just need to readjust the close force and limit switch levels.

6. A Malfunctioning Garage Door Remote

All-too-often some of the simplest solutions are what stump us the most!

In all honesty, if your garage door is not opening, you should check the remote first.

Some of the most common issues with a remote include: not being in range of the sensor, a broken motor or remote antenna, a flat battery or a need for battery reprogramming.

7. Limit Settings are Incorrect

If you notice your garage door completely closing, only to pop right open again, your limit settings need to be adjusted.

Essentially, a garage door’s limit settings determine when the door should stop moving or not.

If you limit settings are out-of-sync, a garage door will not know when it should stop moving, and fail to recognize the ground or an obstacle.

In order to adjust these settings, you’ll need to read your garage door manual and use the buttons on the garage door motor to get the settings right.

Make small adjustments to the settings and test the sync as you. This way you can avoid damaging your garage door any further.

8. The Garage Door Has Derailed

This also one of those highly obvious garage door malfunctions that you’ll notice right off the bat.

If a garage door has moved off the tracks and derailed, it won’t move properly and may even become stuck at an off angle.

In order to repair this, you’ll need to loosen the screws which secure the track to the garage door frame. Then, tap the track back into position and refasten the screws.

Once you’ve got your garage door back on its tracks, do a test to see how smoothly it runs.

If you notice gaps, bumps, screeching or grinding noises, you know that your tracks may need to repair. This is where professional services are needed!

In Need of Garage Door Repair?

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