garage door repair in Boulder

The dangers of DIY garage door repair

Every year, over 20,000 garage door repair related injuries occur. This includes crushing injuries caused by falling garage doors and pinching injuries, causing finger amputations. And, if you are not careful, a simple garage door mishap can result in death. However, despite the dangers garage doors pose, many homeowners opt to DIY their garage door…
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Who installs all wood garage doors

Dings and dents on car or garage doors

There is often a similarity in people’s reactions when either their vehicle or their garage door receives an unfortunate and accidental dent. Some folk try to repair the damage themselves, but, even if it then appears okay cosmetically, this doesn’t mean that the actual damage has been effectively repaired. The long-term results for both types…
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new wood garage door installer in Boulder

Why lubrication isn’t enough to fix your squeaky garage door

Is your garage door noisy? If so, you’ve probably applied lubrication on the moving parts hoping the noise will stop. However, after some time, you notice your garage door is still noisy. What then? Unfortunately, poor lubrication isn’t the only cause of noisy garage doors. There may be an underlying problem, such as loose nuts…
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Barn door garage door installation

How safe is your garage door?

Injuries and even deaths caused by garage doors aren’t the crazy imaginings of writers and filmmakers. Thousands of people are injured every year. Why do these events happen? The most common causes are door malfunction and user error. A single garage door can weigh between 130 and more than 400 pounds. The force exerted between…
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Looking for double garage doors with windows

Is your garage door ready for winter?

Have you noticed that our Colorado winters can be a bit chilly? This is one reason for wanting to make sure that your garage door opens just as it should. Who wants to be trying to persuade it to operate in the middle of a mind-numbing snowstorm! Equally, if any of the panels of your…
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Garage door design and installation

Why do you need a professional to inspect swollen garage doors?

Garage doors that swell rarely open and close correctly. Over time, you can damage motors and other parts by trying to make swollen doors perform as they should under optimal conditions. Consider the following reasons for swelling: Doors made with porous materials typically swell when exposed to heat and moisture even when they’re sealed or…
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new wood garage door installer in Boulder

Boost your curb appeal with new garage doors

If you are looking to put your home on the market – or just dress it up a little – new garage doors are an easy economical way to boost curb appeal. Here are a few common styles that you may not have considered: Wood planks and wood tones provide interesting textures. Windows set in…
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New standard garage door

Don’t postpone your garage door repair

Your garage door is acting up, but the door technically still works. Therefore, you decide to just live with the problem. Unfortunately, delaying your garage door repair opens it up to severe issues that can cost more money to resolve. Additionally, you may be forced to replace the garage door altogether, which only costs more…
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Double door garage door Boulder Garage Door

What’s stopping you from hiring a garage door expert?

Whether you want a new garage door or need your old one repaired, hiring a garage door expert is your best bet at ensuring quality services. You may think that DIYing your garage door repair saves you money, but it costs you more in the long run. This is because you’re bound to need to…
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