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How changes in weather affect garage doors and garages

Before homeowners purchase a new set of garage doors, they should always consider the impact that regional weather and temperature fluctuations can have on both their garage doors and the garages. Consider the following: Doors made of porous natural materials like wood swell when exposed to heat, contract with cold, and decay with high humidity.…
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Why you should get garage doors with windows

Many homeowners tend to prefer garage doors without windows because they don’t know much about garage door window inserts. However, choosing the right type of glass inserts for your garage door can add style and class to your residential property. Additionally, adding windows to your garage doors has plenty of benefits, such as: Potential savings…
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How to pick the right garage door for your home

Today’s garage door market offers more variety than past designs that typically featured raised panels, rows of windows and a single, solid color. Although a wide selection makes customization easier, it also makes choosing the right door harder. Given that the wrong door can decrease your home’s value and cause costly repairs, use this information…
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3 things you should do before installing new garage doors

Your garage door not only has a huge impact on your home’s appearance but also provides security for your property. Therefore, it’s vital to understand what you are looking for before selecting new garage doors for your home. Here are some dos that can help you when it’s time to get new garage doors for…
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Let there be light – but only when needed!

There are a couple of problems with garage door lighting that can frustrate homeowners. Firstly, the door opens but the light doesn’t activate. There may be a problem with the socket, but often it’s simply because the bulb has burned out or the bulb itself needs tightening. When the light does activate, but then doesn’t…
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‘I can hear my garage door opener but nothing is moving’

This is so frustrating; and it’s a situation which often leads to people contacting our team wondering what the problem is. There are usually four possibilities… The chain could have come out of its sprocket The belt might be broken The opener may have become disconnected from the door itself A spring might be broken…
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When do you need to replace garage door springs?

When your garage door is new, its springs are tight, ensuring it opens and closes smoothly. However, these springs have a lifespan, and after some time, they lose their effectiveness causing your garage door to start acting up. For example, if your garage door requires more effort to lift or slams shut when closing, it’s…
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Don’t make these garage door mistakes

Garage doors provide you with added security and improved curb appeal. However, there are some mistakes you may make that affect their functionality and durability. Here are some mistakes you should avoid with your garage door. Overlooking and neglecting garage door problems, e.g. jerky motions and loud noises DIY garage door projects Lack of proper…
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Best way to clean your garage doors

Your new garage door can easily become dirty thanks to the wind, rain and everyday contaminants. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to clean your garage doors so they look their best and last longer. You could have a garage door service advise you, or you can use these tips below. Before…
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