garage door repair in Boulder

The dangers of DIY garage door repair

Every year, over 20,000 garage door repair related injuries occur. This includes crushing injuries caused by falling garage doors and pinching injuries, causing finger amputations. And, if you are not careful, a simple garage door mishap can result in death. However, despite the dangers garage doors pose, many homeowners opt to DIY their garage door…
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Who installs all wood garage doors

Dings and dents on car or garage doors

There is often a similarity in people’s reactions when either their vehicle or their garage door receives an unfortunate and accidental dent. Some folk try to repair the damage themselves, but, even if it then appears okay cosmetically, this doesn’t mean that the actual damage has been effectively repaired. The long-term results for both types…
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new wood garage door installer in Boulder

Why lubrication isn’t enough to fix your squeaky garage door

Is your garage door noisy? If so, you’ve probably applied lubrication on the moving parts hoping the noise will stop. However, after some time, you notice your garage door is still noisy. What then? Unfortunately, poor lubrication isn’t the only cause of noisy garage doors. There may be an underlying problem, such as loose nuts…
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