New standard garage door

Is your older garage door still safe?

Older garage doors might not have the same safety features that you can find in a newer door. These features include an electric eye, standard since 1993, which raises the garage door should anything cross in front of it. Another safety feature is an obstruction detector which doesn’t allow the door to close on top…
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new wall mounted garage door opener

Types of garage door hinges

Garage door hinges are those that connect the sections of your garage door. Typically, they’re manufactured using galvanized steel in a variety of shapes, styles, and gauges to accommodate your garage door’s dimensions. Garage door hinges come in two popular gauge types – 11 and 14. 11-gauge garage door hinges are not as thick as…
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garage door repair in Boulder

Garage door repairs you should never DIY

So, your garage door just broke, and you want to fix it yourself to save money. While some things such as a leaky faucet are fine to DIY, others like garage door repairs are best left to the pros. Furthermore, with DIY garage door repair, you may cause further damage that requires more money to…
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Need a new single garage door

Mid-century garage doors back in style

Are you looking for something sleek and retro for your new garage doors? When planning that new garage door installation, be sure to consider the hot design option of mid-century styles. In the time period of the 1930s through the 1960s, architectural trends for buildings and homes had a very distinctive look, and it’s now…
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