Install a new garage door

Reasons why your garage door is noisy

If your garage door is noisy, chances are there is something wrong with it. Here are some common reasons why your garage door is making a funny noise. The rollers are worn out Poor lubrication, causing parts to grind against each other when opening and closing Loose nuts and bolts Improper installation Ignoring your noisy…
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Garage door design and installation

Is your garage door increasing your energy bill?

Most homeowners only worry about their garage doors when they need repair or replacement. However, a spike in your energy bills when your usage hasn’t increased could mean your garage door is the problem. New garage doors that aren’t properly insulated can waste energy in your home, especially when they’re open. They cause your HVAC…
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new wood garage door installer in Boulder

When your garage door takes a hit

With families spending more time around the home during the next period, it’s probably inevitable that the occasional accident will occur, and dents or damage be caused to many a garage door. For example, over-enthusiastic youngsters might batter it with a ball or bash it with a bike. Many homeowners can believe that such damage…
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