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Best way to clean your garage doors

Your new garage door can easily become dirty thanks to the wind, rain and everyday contaminants. Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to clean your garage doors so they look their best and last longer. You could have a garage door service advise you, or you can use these tips below. Before…
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Reasons your garage door is squeaking

Garage doors tend to squeak with prolonged usage due to wear and tear. It’s essential to contact a professional to receive garage door repair services to avoid disturbing your neighbors and to keep your garage doors in the best condition. Below are some reasons your garage door may be squeaking: Insufficient lubrication of moving parts…
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Garage door opener Installation Boulder Garage Door

Opening your garage door in a power cut

No one can predict when a power outage will happen, but it’s guaranteed to be an inconvenience. Here’s a handy guide to getting your garage open when there is no power. Locate the emergency cord. It’s usually red and hooked to the center rail. Firmly pull the cord until you feel it pop. This means…
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Yes, you can paint a garage door

A savvy homeowner knows that a fresh coat of paint makes everything look new. Painting a garage door is no different. Follow these simple steps to achieve a flawless finish: Prepare the surface by cleaning and removing all rust, then sand Mask any area you do not want painted with heavy-duty painter’s tape and lay…
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