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Key activities during a standard garage door service call

To keep your garage door smoothly operational, it pays to book a regular service. During their visit, the technician will start by carrying out a detailed inspection of all the key components. This will determine whether garage door repair is required, or whether it is necessary to install new garage doors. Adjustments might be made…
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How a garage door works

Garage door not acting right? Don’t wait until it’s too late

Something off when your garage opens? Something creaking when it closes? Garage doors are not just doors that open and close. Garage doors that function properly protect you, your car and your belongings. Garage doors that don’t work are a safety hazard, and delay getting you out of the house and to where you need…
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Are garage doors safe

Possible reasons why your garage door remote might not be working

If this is the case, we know it’s very frustrating. There are a variety of possible causes of the malfunction. Here’s a quick checklist covering four of the most common… The batteries simply need changing – a useful clue is if it works only when you’re right beside the door The antenna might not be…
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