Great curb appeal garage door design

Simple yet effective garage door maintenance tips

A garage door is your home’s biggest moving part, and it is used many times a day all year round. To keep your door running as smoothly as possible, follow these simple maintenance tips. Listen and look Observe the garage door each time it’s in action. If the door is making unusual noises or not…
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Barn door garage door installation

Why should you invest in eco-friendly garage door materials?

Why should you invest in eco-friendly garage door materials? Environmentally-friendly home construction and renovation projects, especially eco-friendly garage door installations, have increased across the country in recent years. Why have eco-friendly materials become such a huge part of this growing trend? Home value New home buyers are more likely to purchase a home that has…
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Change your curb appeal with a new garage door

Check your garage door frequently

It’s a pain when your garage won’t open or gets stuck. Can you prevent it? There are a couple of things you can check to ensure its functioning properly. Photo-eye This is the little device that shoots a laser from end to end of your door to prevent it from shutting all the way if…
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Garage door colors

Installing a garage door is a job best left to the professionals!

DIY projects are a great way to increase the value and curb appeal of your home, but there’s a reason why most people opt to have a professional garage door company handle their installation. While it might seem like a straightforward project, new garage door installation can be a tricky job. Garage doors must be…
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