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Garage door repairs that you shouldn’t DIY

Some everyday tasks are fine to DIY, but the following garage door repairs should be left to professionals. Loose lifting cables – The cables link the springs to the bottom of the door. They work under high tension to hold the doors, so handling them could be dangerous. Broken door spring – the spring balances…
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It probably wasn’t Santa who bashed your garage door…

…after all, he is a very careful driver and there were no reindeer hoof indentations! Of course, a dent in even a single panel, however it was caused, is no laughing matter. It’s infuriating; and that isn’t all that can go wrong. Perhaps your door has found a habit of going down – and then…
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Reasons why you need a professional garage door installer

Whether you are installing a new garage door or repairing an existing one, it is essential that you seek professional help. A seasoned garage door repair professional is familiar with various types of garage door problems. Besides, they have the requisite knowledge as well as the experience and expertise necessary to install your garage door…
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New garage door installation services

Garage door maintenance

Your garage door requires proper maintenance and care for it to function correctly and last longer. Many homeowners forgo maintaining and cleaning their garage door, which causes it to wear and tear quickly. To avoid this, carry out a visual inspection on your garage door regularly. First, unplug your door opener motor and attach clamps…
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Why you should get an insulated garage door

Garage doors can have many uses. Not only do they protect what is in your garage, but they can also maintain the temperature of your garage and home. If you are considering a new garage door installation or replacing an older garage door, you should get an insulated garage door. There are several benefits to…
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Types of garage doors

Garage doors come in different shapes and designs, all with varying procedures of installation. As a homeowner, you should choose a garage door that best suits your needs. It should also compliment the general outlook of your house. The different types of garage doors are named according to how they open, i.e., upwards, sideways, manually,…
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Barn door garage door installation

Fixing your garage door springs

If you notice that your garage door is experiencing movement issues such as jumping up and down or getting stuck on the track, it’s possible the spring in your garage door needs replacing. If you notice your garage door malfunctioning, it’s best to contact a professional to assist you with the garage door repair. However,…
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Keeping your garage energy efficient

Many people often take steps to make their homes more energy-efficient but often forget their garage doors. An energy-friendly garage door will help maintain the temperature in your home by preventing heat and cool from escaping. This can help lower your energy bill. Eco-friendly garage doors are also made from sturdy materials, which means they…
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It’s not a tension-packed experience!

We’re talking about having your garage door serviced. Of course, the tension of the spring will be adjusted as needed! All the bolts and nuts will be tightened, adjusted (or replaced if necessary). Lubrication will also be provided as required by your rollers and cables, pulleys and other hardware. The door opener will also be…
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